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Devon Singing Waiters

Devon Singing Waiters – 1st call singing waiters have been surprising and entertaining guests in the county of Devon for fifteen years now and our singers always look forward to performing in this truly beautiful county.

About Devon

Devon also known as Devonshire now has an estimated population of 1.1 million and is able to boast the hugely popular city of Exeter as its’ fair capital.
The comparatively mild climate it enjoys, stunning coastlines and beautiful landscape is without doubt why it’s become a very popular destination for recreation and leisure. 1st call singing waiters enjoy being a small part of this as they regularly perform in this wonderful county.
Indeed Devon’s economy benefits very much from tourism.

How the Devon singing waiters surprise works

Depending on the number of guests attending the event 1st call will supply two, three or four singing waiters.
They dress exactly the same as the chosen venue’s real waiters and help serve the meal (usually the dessert course) so guests believe them to be “the real thing” and then when the moment feels right to the complete surprise and delight of the guests they suddenly
burst into song.
They then interact with guests encouraging them to to join in and singalong to their popular and infectious musical selection.
Songs which will appeal to all age groups, particularly important for a wedding.
We offer three different Devon singing waiters options:
  • Party(pop) singing waiters
  • Light opera singing waiters
  • Ratpack/swing singing waiters

Wonderful Devon venues

Devon has some of the most diverse, impressive and exciting venues in the county including a vast many hotels, Tythe barns, castles, private clubs and manor houses to choose from.
Here below are just a few of 1st call singing waiters favourites.


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