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How it works

How 1st Call Singing Waiters spring the surprise

Singing Waiters Surprise Hampshire

Wondered how singing waiters work? Dressed the same as your chosen wedding or party venue’s real waiters the singing waiters usually help serve the dessert course so your guests believe them to be part of the waiters’ team and then to everyone’s surprise and delight they suddenly

How Singing Waiters Work – Burst into song !

For the next approx thirty minutes they interact with your guests while performing an exciting selection of popular songs.

They perform classic and popular songs encouraging your guests to join in, wave their napkins in the air, Sing-a-long as the set gradually builds up to an amazing and electric finale.

Having performed across most of the United Kingdom from Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, London, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Swindon, Reading, Oxford, Exeter, Plymouth and even at the sunny beaches of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. They are taking the South West by storm!

Frequently asked questions


When do the Singing Waiters set up their PA Equipment?

The singing waiters sound operator will set the equipment up at an arranged time with your venue prior to your guests arriving in the room.


What songs do they normally perform?

We offer tried and tested songs which they know are going to be very popular and work really well, this will include songs for all age groups particularly important for a wedding.

That said we are always happy to consider any specific requests which will personalise the performance.

See our sample song list here

What do the singing waiters wear?

Our singing waiters will always dress exactly the same as your chosen venue’s waiters so your guests believe the singers to be the real thing.

How long do they perform for?

Our singing waiters normally perform for about 25/30 minutes which is approximately 9-10 songs. This duration is ideal to allow the act to gradually build the performance up and finish with a high energy finale.


What do we need to tell the venue?

As part of the service, we are happy to contact the venue to discuss and plan how the Singing Waiters will give their performance and spring the surprise.

At this point, we will check what their real waiters wear and arrange with them for a room for the singing waiters to hide away until it’s time to spring the big surprise!


If we book the singing waiters how and when do we pay?

When you are happy to book, we will email you a booking form/contract for you to sign and return by email.

When this is safely received, you can choose to pay either 25% or 50% deposit which we will email an invoice.

The final balance would be due one month prior to the event date.

Sometimes we are happy and able to split the payment into four installments of 25%

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