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The going was good at Phillip Hobbs Celebration

Peter and Emma, the singing waiters of 1st Call, had the privilege of participating in a momentous celebration in the British horse racing industry last month. Trainer Philip Hobbs had achieved his 3000th win, and to commemorate this incredible milestone, his wife Sarah organised a unique luncheon at their stables near Minehead in Somerset. The guest list comprised their staff, horse trainers, and well-known jockeys. In order to add something extra special and distinct to the event, Sarah hired 1st Call singing waiters to surprise and entertain the guests.

According to Sarah, "Peter and Emma were fantastic. They blended in with the real wait staff, serving champagne and canapes before breaking out into song. They performed several popular tunes, encouraging everyone to join in." It was a fitting and enjoyable surprise for such an important occasion. Congratulations to Philip on his success, and here's to the next 3000 wins!


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