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Swansea Singing Waiters

Swansea singing waiters have had the pleasure to perform in the Welsh coastal city of Swansea since 2002. The team perform all over the country but particularly enjoy their visits to Swansea. After all, it is “The land of Song.”  They are requested to perform their surprise musical act here for virtually every type of event including weddings,charity fundraisers, corporate dinners, private celebrations, summer and Christmas parties.
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About Swansea

Swansea is officially known as the city and county of Swansea. It is the second largest city in Wales. During the 19th century industrial heyday it was the main centre for the copper smelting industry earning Swansea it’s nickname copperopolis. There are many interesting places to visit including the National waterfront museum, Oystermouth Castle,t he famous Dylan Thomas centre and several stunning beaches and bays.

How Singing Waiters Works

Depending on the number of guests attending the event 1st call can supply two, three or four singing waiters.
The Singing Waiters are disguised as the chosen venue’s real waiters. They “dress” exactly the same they help serve the meal (usually the dessert course) so guests believe them to be “the real thing”.
When the moment feels right they suddenly burst into song. To the complete delight and surprise of the guests.
The Singing Waiters then interact with guests encouraging them to to join in and singalong to their popular and infectious musical selection.
Songs which will appeal to all age groups, particularly important for a wedding.

Three different singing waiters options are available. The number of guests attending your event determines how many singing waiters you would require.

Our most popular options are:
  • Party(pop) singing waiters
  • Light opera singing waiters
  • Ratpack/swing singing waiters

Wonderful Swansea Venues

There are many exciting and interesting venues in Swansea from which to choose to host your special event. Here below are just a few recommendations.

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Swansea Singing Waiters

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