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Super Singing Waiters surprise in Swansea

A wedding or civil ceremony is arguably the most important and exciting event in a couples life but at present there is of course uncertainly due to Covid-19 and the restrictions for weddings currently in place.
That said Swansea brides and grooms are busy rescheduling and planning their big day for 2021 and 2022.
1st call singing waiters look forward to springing their big surprise for the guests of these weddings and were delighted to receive this wonderful review from one of their recent newly weds, the New Mr and Mrs Durant.

Singing Waiters stun in Swansea

Singing Waiters stun in Swansea.

The coastal city and county of Swansea is always buzzing with Christmas parties in December. However, it’s never easy to come up with entertainment that offers
something different to your company Christmas party !

1st call singing waiters can offer a solution. Their singers disguise themselves to be waiters, help serve the meal (most likely the dessert course). Then when the moment feels right, to the complete surprise of your guests, will suddenly burst into song.

They soon create a fabulous fun atmosphere encouraging all your  Guests to join in with their selection  of party pop classics. 1st Call Singing waiters would love to surprise and entertain you this Festive season in stunning Swansea.

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Singing Waiters Swansea Swing into action.

Singing Waiters Swansea.

The new wedding season will soon be upon us and two of the most important ingredients to to make for the perfect day are the choice of venue and entertainment.

This is not such a problem for brides and grooms choosing to tie the knot in Swansea because it offers a number of fabulous wedding venues.

One such venue is Oxwich bay hotel situated on the picturesque Gower Peninsula and just a stones throw
from the beach.

It has become one of Swansea’s most desired wedding locations.

1st call singing waiters have the pleasure to regularly perform their surprise musical act for weddings and other special events at the Oxwich Bay Hotel.

They are certainly looking forward to surprising and entertaining guests there this coming wedding season.

Perhaps they will spring their big surprise at an event you are attending.

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Seaside Surprise Swansea Singing Waiters

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Oxwich Bay Hotel

It was the perfect setting for a perfect day.

Not every bride or event organiser wants a city location for their special event, some prefer a seaside setting with a picturesque coastline. This was certainly the case when newlyweds, Alison and Joe Caunt, tied the knot recently at the Oxwich Bay Hotel. The hotel is situated on the grand Gower Peninsula, a stone’s throw from the beach and just a short journey from the city of Swansea.

A magical seaside wedding.

But Alison and Joe’s perfect day had only just begun. They treated their daytime guests to a delightful surprise when they booked ‘1st Call Entertainment’s – Singing Waiters’, Peter, Neil and Amanda.

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Gower Peninsula

Who performed their infectious musical set during the dessert course of the wedding meal.

The guests thoroughly enjoyed the waiters unexpectedly bursting into song, getting the guests straight to their feet and in full swing. Especially as they had included the crowd-pleasing number ‘The Bare Necessities’ from Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ into their set just for  Alison. There can be no doubt that Alison, being a huge Disney fan, and everyone had a truly magical and enchanting day (and evening) along the seaside!

Curtains up for Swansea Singing Waiters

Half way between Swansea and Brecon is, without doubt, one of Wales most romantic and interesting wedding destinations. Craig -Y – Nos Castle.

The venue offers wonderful surprises for its guests. The most exciting being its amazing grade 1 listed Adelina Theatre, named after the once very famous opera singer.

On the weekend this provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding of Sandi and Ollie.There was also another surprise in store for the bride and groom’s guests when during the dessert course of the wedding breakfast.

1st call Singing Waiters – Peter Michelle and Rachel burst into song. There can be no doubt that the guests all enjoyed the fun and

theatrical performance of the singing waiters and indeed the whole experience of this wonderful and historical Welsh gem of a venue.


Swansea Singing Waiters